Group on Criminal Law Reform

Criminal Law Reform Group unites 13 member organizations. The Group explores problems of criminal justice. The Group mobilizes expertise and resources of the civil society organizations working in this area thereby creating a basis for effective advocacy. The Group works on such issues as the reform of the Code of Administrative Violations, witness interrogation rules, hearsay evidence etc.

Coordinator: Mr Giorgi Chitidze (OSGF)


  1. Rights Georgia (former Article 42 of the Constitution)
  2. ECG – European Choice of Georgia
  3. EMC – Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center
  4. GLIP – Georgian Lawyers for Independent Profession
  5. GYLA – Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association
  6. HRC – Human Rights Center
  7. HRP – Human Rights Priority
  8. OSGF – Open Society Georgia Foundation
  9. PHR – Partnership for Human Rights
  10. TI – Transparency International - Georgia
  11. UDM – Union of Democrat Meskhs
  12. ALFC – Association of Law Firms of Georgia
  13. Rehabilitation Initiative for Vulnerable Groups

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