Coalition provides an opinion on the legislative amendments concerning the Constitutional Court to the Venice Commission

On May 20th of this year, Mr. Schnutz Rudolf Durr, Head of the Venice Commission Constitutional Justice Division contacted the Coalition for an Independent and Transparent to receive the Coalition’s opinion on the legislative amendments concerning the Constitutional Court.

The Venice Commission is developing an opinion on these legislative amendments in response to the request made by President of Georgia. Due to this request the Commission is seeking the Coalition’s views on the purpose and process of adoption of amendments as well as specific provisions concerning the term of office of the Court members, increased competences of the Plenum, procedures for publishing the acts, the change in the plenary session quorum etc.

The Coalition has developed a detailed document, which provides a legal analysis of amendments and their impact on the Constitutional Court’s work.

The Coalition criticizes the legislative amendments and believes that their enforcement will paralyze the Court and diminish its role thereby damaging the democratic development of the country.

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