Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary

Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary was formed in April 2011. Currently it unites 40 member NGOs. The goal of the Coalition is to consolidate the efforts of legal professional associations, legal rights NGOs, business associations, and media into a joint advocacy for an independent, transparent and accountable justice system.

The Coalition activities include research and monitoring, development of recommendations and advocacy for judicial reforms, and promotion of public discussions on the problems critical to the justice system. The Coalition has completed several comprehensive researches, elaborated tens of recommendations to improve the legislation governing the justice system, has held several public fora and discussions. The Coalition regularly presents its views to the representatives of executive, legislative and judicial branches, collaborates with the Venice Commission and other important international organizations. The Coalition also actively works with media to raise public awareness of the problems existing in the judiciary.

The Coalition activities are led by the Steering Committee made up of 9 member organizations. The Committee is led by the chair and deputy chair organizations. The Coalition’s activities are mainly carried out in working groups, the priorities of which change according to the Coalition objectives. Currently three working groups are active: Court Administration, Criminal Law Reform, and Minority Rights and Gender Equality in the Justice System.



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